Tuesday, August 28, 2018

...and then there were tee shirts

            Another item has been added to our fundraising efforts:  
                     a top-quality cotton tee by Hanes @$20
           Contact me at KColmanStudio@gmail.com if you need me to research shipping costs.

Otherwise, try to attend one of our upcoming book signings!  Check our facebook page, Ghost Cat Publications.  One is coming up at a Westlake Village Winery, AldaBella, on September 23 (3-5 p.m.), followed by an October 7th one on the scenic patio of Ladyface Alehouse in Agoura Hills (from 7-9 p.m.).  Of course, you can always join us at the annual all-day P22 Day celebration at Griffith Park, on October 27th this year!  We look forward to meeting you!  🐾

Book Created to Raise Funds for Liberty Cyn. Wildlife Bridge theacorn.com/articles/women-create-book-to-raise-funds-for-liberty-cyn-wildlife-bridge/ By The Acorn Staff | on August 09, 2018

artist Kathi Colman is flanked by co-authors, 
Sherry Mangel Ferber and Calandra Cherry

"Old Agoura artist Kathi Colman had already been busy over the past few years painting images of mountain lions known to have lived and died in the Santa Monica Mountains, but the book, she said, deserved some new images of the cougars to fit the narrative, which is appropriate for children, but is equally informative for adults since the history and travails of the big cats is only part of the tale."


The Book Is Done

...and it is superb!  Beautiful size, thick glossy pages, stitched binding...  Just top quality all the way through!  No longer categorized as a childrens' book, it is now elevated to coffee table art book status.

"P22, The Journey"

My first experience with illustration.
Completed in just six months, it incorporates many of my prior puma portraits inserted into scenic settings derived from actual National Park Service photos.
THAT took me on a steep learning curve!  However, I am now familiar with digital drawing -and enjoying the ease of it.

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