Thursday, April 20, 2017

"P-37, as Cub"

At last, a new addition to the collection of "All the P's"... 

"P-37, as Cub"

11x14" pastel on suede mat
framed original @$1250.

in support of "SaveLACougars"
critically needed wildlife crossing 

ready-for-framing 8x10"reprints @$30.
online at #SaveLACougars

(puma/cougar/mountain lion/ghost cat)
Challenged by Beth Pratt, California Director of National
Wildlife Federation, to “paint all the P’s” in support of the
critically-needed wildlife crossing over #101 at Liberty
Canyon, artist Kathi Colman has been at work portraying
their beautiful faces (young or old, alive or deceased) to
be reproduced & made available to all thru the #SaveLA
Cougars website. Many originals may also be purchased
by those with a generous heart; Kathi has contributed
them outright to make this privately-funded wildlife corridor
dream become a reality!
“I always talk to them as I paint them. They each have
their own personality and story to tell. I am fulfilled when
told, “Oh, those eyes! That face! I can actually feel their
plight!” Their message is simply that we humans must
now undo our thoughtlessness... Our L.A. freeways have
trapped them and denied them their freedom to roam and
live naturally. ...That makes us the predators, right?
*the portraits of the cubs are the sweetest because we had not yet disappointed

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