Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Very lucky lady.  
She got the "awwwwww" painting.


Eric plunked Kat in the car today and told her, "We are going to pick up your birthday present".

Surprised, Kat never realized her husband had been noting her comments, "Ohh, this is my favorite one..", during their four visits to the Fred Kavli Theatre's Jungleland art show over its' five months exhibit. Despite being an animal lover, Kat is highly allergic to them so "P-32, as Kitten" is now her own special fur cub!

In acquiring this original painting by artist Kathi Colman, Eric and Kat Gerber have contributed to the support of the ongoing cultural exhibits at the Fred Kavli Theatre, as well as to #SaveLACougars tireless fundraising efforts toward the critical need for our wildlife crossing.

Therefore, Kat's birthday is a gift to all!  
Happy Birthday, Kat, and much appreciation to your loving husband...

shared by-
Kathi Colman

-Fine Arts' recognized oil and pastel portraitist
-Community Cultural Affairs Director and Historical Archivist, Old Agoura CA
-Administrative Editor for Facebook newsletter Old Agoura Homeowners 
-Advisory Council/Ambassador for SaveLACougars

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