Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Portrait of a Wildlife Biologist and Tracker

I recently presented my portrait of Jeff Sikich to him saying, "Little do these cubs know that once you find them and tag them, your research captures the personal commitment of us all."

Thank you for your dedicated work, Jeff!

Dr. Jeff Sikich of the Santa Monica Mountains & Cub
(he may remember which one this lucky little guy was; I do not)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

P-52 & P-50 as Cubs

       ..and here is my newest addition to National Wildlife Federation's 
challenge to me to "paint all the P's"...   
             "P-52 & P-50 as Cubs"       

Painting these two babies (two of a litter of three) 
was a joy.  Who couldn't love those faces?

Matted reproductions, ready to be framed

all art profits go toward the realization of 
California's first wildlife overpass

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