Tuesday, May 1, 2018

At long last....


After more than five intensive months, I have now become an illustrator!  Thinking I would contribute maybe six or eight paintings for a children's book, I gladly accepted the challenge.  Umm, it turned out to be more like 28...

Paring it down to 18 or so, I agreed and began.  It soon turned out that creating a scene at my easel, then photographing it, then tweaking things, then photographing again ...was NOT the way to go!

As good friends do, I was taken in hand by a longtime friend who had really 'evolved' technologically.  She insisted I learn digital drawing.  Despite my complaining, she dragged me along into a new world of producing artwork.  What a steep learning curve!  As challenging as I found all the technicalities, I eventually learned to love it.

And now, after frying my creative brain, I am proud of what I have done.  The story of the awesome journey of P22, the Hollywood mountain lion who successfully crossed two of Los Angeles' busiest freeways in order to find his new territory, needed to be told to our children.  He was a brave youngster and somehow kept going until he found his new safe & forever home.

I will share my artwork with you once we have gone to press.  I just wanted to say hello and catch you up that I am still here, and even more passionate about supporting the critically-needed wildlife overpass at Liberty Canyon in order to give our wildlife the freedom to roam which our busy freeways cut off.  Our selfishness...  Time to make amends; overdue.

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