Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#SaveLACougars' paintings

Most recently, I have been painting solely for contributing to fundraising
 for‪#‎SaveLACougars‬, the online site in support of building a critically-needed wildlife corridor for our wildlife to once again have the ability to disperse northward to vast open mountain terrain. Shamefully & selfishly, our ten lane freeways have penned in the last of our native species within the Malibu area of the Santa Monica Mountains. Since NO taxpayer money is being used, all funding must come from private generosity. The newly engineered site will be at Liberty Canyon (yayy..."liberty" means freedom) across Los Angeles' #101 freeway. Until now, their attempts to escape have proven fatal for these innocent creatures: roadkill is all too common.
Fine art prints of these paintings will soon be sold reasonably thru the #SaveLACougars website.
I promise to let you know when! 🐾

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